Fancy Dress

Helen will be celebrating her 32nd plus 1 birthday as Helen refuses to say she is 33 lol.

Anyway we will be having a fancy dress party so dig out all those costumes and come and have a laugh…..

The party will be on the Saturday 28th May.

Guinness Book of Records 2011.

It just goes to show that although Kremasti is down at the moment there are still a few people out there willing to try and get it put back on the map. Akis Zannakis has organised a Guinness World Record attempt for the longest Sortaki Dance ( Zorba Dance ).

We will be needing 2000 people in all to succeed.

Here at Tommies Bar we will be doing our part and getting as many people ( Tourist or otherwise ) to participate in this major event. There will be an application form going up on facebook in the next couple of days.

Everyone will be wearing the same clothing which will be:

Blue Jeans, White t-shirt which will be provided by the participant and a red belt and scarf which will be provided by Akis & Team.

Tommies Bar will have the rights to use the logo of the “Sirtaki Dance Guinness Book of Records attempt 2011” for printing on t-shirts. So if you would like to wear an original “Sirtaki Dance Guinness Book of Records attempt 2011” T-shirt you will be able to purchase them from within Tommies Bar.

This major event will be taking place on the 31st of July, so if you are in the village of Kremasti or anywhere on the Island of Rhodes at this time pop down to Tommies Bar for more information on the event or just turn up on the 31st of July wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt.

Whether we succeed or not at this Guinness Book of Records Attempt 2011 I personally have only one thing to say “Fair play to you Akis Zannakis and the rest of your Team, as without people like you lot this village would just slowly die.”


Holiday for Two

This year we are offering a FREE holiday for 2 for two weeks including all Flights, Accommodation, Transfers and a welcome pack.

To have your chance of winning this amazing deal all you have to do is join the Darts Killer which is being held every night after the Free General Quiz and win. If you are the lucky winner then your ticket will go in to the draw at the end of September. And remember there will only be 150 tickets in there so the more times you win the better chance you have of winning A FREE HOLIDAY FOR 2.

Live Streaming Radio

Ok we have only been online for a day and we had a suggestion to put a live radio stream so you can hear exactly what we are listening to..

So here you go. on the Web Cam page you can now liten to the same music we are listening to live as well as watch us live. All you have to do is press play on the ‘player’ and give it up to a minute and there you go if we are listening to music you should hear it also..

Any probs with this just drop me a line.

Season 2011

I would like to wish everyone on this island a fantastic season and wish you all the best for 2011.

Apparently we are going to be very busy this year what with RyanAir flying over 5 times a week and EasyJet quite regularly as well, but like always we can only wait and see.

The weather has definately changed over night. Absolutely red hot here today so we used that oppertunity to go swimming at the Margaret and guess who got burnt all over his back lol…

Summer 2011 —– Bring it on!!

New Site up and running

Hey all.

This is a blog post just to welcome you all to our new site…. Please feel free to make a comment in our comments page, view some of our pictures from over the years in our gallery and visit our live streaming web cam which will be playing every night from 9pm ( 7pm uk ).

We are going to be adding many more features to our site including a download section where you will be able to download many things including screen savers of Kremasti and Rhodes.