World Record Attempt 2011

Ok to start with I would like to say that I am very very dissapointed with the turnout we had for the Record Attempt.
Apparently there were 1300 people supposed to turn up and support the village of kremasti and from what i could gather there were approximately 400 people actually showed up.

People are so concerned about themselves they have forgotten how to do things for others. This attempt wasn’t for me or you it was for the village of kremasti where we live and work. To try and get the village put back on the map and to show that even though we are going through a rough patch with the economy and the season being as bad as it is due to all inclusive and other things we can show spirit and rise above all the problems and say ‘WE ARE STILL HERE’.


Anyway rant over.

What a good afternoon. Tommies Bar Staff went in to this with no clue on how to dance and under the impression that there were only 5 steps involved and came out with no clue how to do this dance and the realisation that it was the hole dance not 5 steps lol.

Starting at the stadium for last minute practicing, the locals were very patient and didn’t mind us joining in. Well they never said anything anyway lol. On to the main road outside the library is where the main event was taking place.  The street was busy enough and my mum was loving the camera’s being there lol. Ant1, and ET3 ( Net ) were there so have a look out for us next time your watching greek tv lol not sure when it will be broadcast mind.

Here are a few pics of the day.

Akis Zannakis I thank you!